What We Can Ask You-

In order to provide you with the best services, we would require the following information- 
  • Personal information, including your name, address, country, place, contact number, and email. 
  • Account information such as debit or credit card details 
  • Technical details, such as IP address, time zone, the device you use, type of browser
  • Details of the account or services you seek help with, such as ID & password, subscription details, and many more. 
  • Share your screen or remote access to your device.

Other Details

  • We may ask our customers to share their views regarding the services. It will help us improve and promote our services.
  • We may mail asking you to fill in the queries related to our services for the betterment.

How We Use Collected Information-

We use all this collected information for customers’ reference only. Here is what we do with the information-
  • Understand your issue better. 
  • Provide you with better services. 
  • Recognize you next time when you contact us.
  • Sharing some confidential details, such as your ID & Password, with you 
  • Improving and expanding our services 

We Are Restricted To-

Understanding the customer’s or visitors’ privacy, we confined ourselves to the followings- 
  • Share your personal and account details with the internal team (who is not involved in the process) or a third We Are Restricted To-party. 
  • Disclose your identity 
  • Use the personal information for our benefit.
  • Providing customers with the reliable services . 
This page notifies you of our policy about customer care services. Understanding the faith customers put in an independent customer care support provider, we are dedicated to providing secure and reliable services. So feel free to contact us if you have any queries!